Commercial Door Install and Repair- Eliminate the Finger Pointing and Delays

Commercial doors can be complicated, especially when door access control and security is a primary function. You need both an expert on the mechanical components of the door as well as the security technician to integrate the door’s function.

Is the problem mechanical or is it related to the security software? Have you ever been in the situation where each is blaming the other and finger pointing?

Hire a resource that knows both the mechanical and security components of the door and integrates for a total solution. You can benefit from:

  • Quicker resolution
  • Cost savings
  • Less frustration

Eliminate your role as the middleman in resolving commercial door installation and repair challenges. Hire AIP- a commercial door integration company. We are one of the only companies nationwide that brings both carpenter and door access technician to the job site, at the same time. And with some installations, the integration issues can be resolved at the AIP shop so that when we arrive, installation is a snap.

AIP- Your One Stop Shop