Omnisports- Reduce Impact Noise in Gym

Omnisports- Reduce Impact Noise in Gym

Reduce Impact Noise in Gym with Tarkett Sports Omnisports

When it comes to flooring in the gymnasium, impact acoustics is an important factor to consider. Unlike the ambient acoustics of a room, impact acoustics relate to the sound generated from footfall, ball bounce, and other collisions with the surface. Reducing impact noise can make a significant difference in a team’s ability to communicate with each other or a teacher’s ability to give instructions to a large PE class.

Omnisports offers superior sound insulation performance for in-room sound reduction as well as transmission of sound through the floor. This is due to Tarkett Sports' Highly Cellularized Acoustic Foam (HCF™) that forms the base layer of Omnisports. With dense cellular foam, fewer sound waves are allowed to be transmitted directly through the floor and are dissipated in transmission.


Tarkett Sports’ Omnisports™ reduces in-room impact noise by around 61-62 dB.

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