Toilet Partitions- 5 Key Considerations

Toilet Partitions- 5 Key Considerations


Choosing the right toilet partition configuration is crucial to the success and longevity of your commercial restroom project. While budget is always a major factor, choosing a material on price alone may not be the best solution.

AIP sells a wide range of Hadrian Toilet Partition hardware including brackets, coat hooks, door pulls, hinges, latches, keepers and stoppers, and much more. AIP is a leading commercial restroom partition hardware parts provider with over 35 years of experience in the industry. Based in West Virginia, we have worked with universities, schools, churches, athletic facilities, and many other organizations with heavy restroom traffic to provide them with everything they need for their commercial restrooms.

For high-quality, affordable commercial toilet partition hardware, depend on our experts to advise you on 5 key considerations:

  1. Building and function type
    • Material selection differs
  2. Durability factors
    • Graffiti resistance
    • Scratch resistance
    • Impact resistance
  3. Code Compliance
    • Local
    • Fire
  4. Materials
    • Core panels, doors, stiles and screens
    • Surface
    • Finished thickness
    • Stile reinforcement
    • Fabrication
    • Fire-resistance
  5. Hardware
    • Materials
    • Fastening
    • Mounting
    • Latching
    • Hinges
    • Compliance
    • Emergency Access
  6. Check out our toilet partition selection from Hadrian, Bobrick, Bradley and Scranton Products. Just give us a call with your custom layout and we’ll have your products ready in a matter of days.

    Count on AIP for commercial bathroom expertise.