Sports Flooring – Factoring in Lifecycle Costs

Calculating a sports floor lifecycle cost is an important part of the product selection process. It involves a combination of factors; installation, maintenance and refinishing.

Whether an operator of a professional area, college field house, community center or church multi-purpose room, the question is “How much is the sports floor going to cost me in the long run?”

Selecting a Sports Floor That is Safe

When selecting sports surfacing, safety is a key consideration. Rarely is a sports floor used for just one purpose. You need to keep in mind both primary and secondary uses of the floor as well as the athlete and non-athletic users.
Questions to keep in mind:

Does this floor meet the biomechnical needs of its intended uses?
Is there proper cushion for impact?
Is it too slippery? Not slippery enough?
Does it accommodate a wide range of users?
Are there any protrusions that can cause a hazard?

Best flooring choices match up a sport’s action with the surface’s response.

Building Security – A General Contractor’s Guide

Access control systems provide authorized individuals safe and secure access in and out of various parts of business.
Four major questions:

What purpose will your access control system serve?
What size and functions will your business need?
What system updating, reporting and tracking is required?
What help and support will your business need?

Access control systems have four major benefits.