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Omnisports Flooring Made Immanuel’s Ministry Center Extraordinary

Immanuel Baptist Church’s Fellowship Hall was too small. The congregation wanted a true multi-purpose building. Limited by acreage, they had to fit everything they wanted into a single new building. The solution would be self-funded and built “pay as you go”. Every decision was carefully thought out.

Requirements- Flooring Must do Everything
The new multi-purpose Ministry Center would be home to full-size basketball court, worship services, performances, banquets and dinners. The flooring would need to do everything and take punishment from street shoes, spilled food, recreational play, and table and chairs. Tarkett Omnisports flooring was selected as their multi-purpose flooring and installed by AIP.

Pastor Dan Jividen said Immanuel Baptist Church looked at other options, and were impressed with AIP Flooring Expert Trent Gabbert. It was a lengthy decision process and Trent laid out all flooring options along with AIP's capabilities without trying to pressure or push.

Results- Increased Attendance and Participation
Immanuel’s Ministry Center is still a work in progress. The 17,000-sq. ft. building shell has been up for some time and utilized for congregation dinners. But when the Tarkett Omnisports floor went down in Fall 2016, the flooring significantly enhanced the building’s functionality and the building became a true center for all intended purposes. It helped the congregation see the “work in progress” as a complete structure.

Immanuel’s youth program has picked up in attendance and activity. Meetings are followed by recreational activity such as volleyball or basketball. Young men and adolescents appreciate the specialness of the new space.

Participation at congregation dinners has increased. The new larger space can seat the entire congregation for dinners with tables and chairs and little concern of spilled food. Now, 80-85% choose to stay for dinner after the service. The older space could only accommodate 50%.

Omnisports flooring has enhanced the building’s value and generated appreciation. This is important because the entire project is self-funded.

Visitors and Congregation- Amazing Transformation
Pastor Dan Jividen says the biggest surprise is the comments about the floor. Upon entering the ministry center, visitors and congregation often gasp and say the Omnisports flooring is beautiful. They didn’t think it could be this nice. “It’s a significant investment and we’ll never look back and say we wished we had done that. The transformation has been amazing.”

Pastor Dan has recommended the Omnisports flooring to other churches because of its versatility and utility. “It’s strong. You don’t have to baby it. It’s easy to care for and will take abuse.”

“The AIP installers were wonderful and easy to work with, taking time to answer questions.” Pastor Dan is very satisfied with the Omnisports product and AIP’s sales and installation process.

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