The people at AIP are knowledgeable and easy to deal with. We know that when they are working on our projects the materials will be correct and on time.

Todd Corey
Vice President
BBLCarlton, LLC

The AIP installers were wonderful and easy to work with, taking time to answer questions. I am very satisfied with the Omnisports product and AIP’s sales and installation process.

Pastor Dan Jividen
Immanuel Baptist Church

I appreciate the pleasant, professional way I am treated and the quick response that I have come to expect. You have made me look good to our clients on several occasions, and that's no small task.

Louis E. Roncaglione
Ponderosa Industries, Inc.

I have had the pleasure of working with many supply companies in the 20 years of being involved in the construction business and Architectural Interior Products stands alone when comes to providing materials for the interior construction industry.

What makes them above other supply companies ...Read More

Glenn D. Jeffries
Cornerstone Interiors

I would imagine that WVU Medicine presents some of the most challenging door configurations imaginable. With code/regulatory agency requirements for separation ratings, positive latching, complex security system and automatic operation function interfaces, the door-frame-hardware requirements become ...Read More

Alan Neptune
Planning, Design, and Construction Manager
WVU Healthcare