Innovations in Acoustical Ceilings for Today’s Flexible Interiors

Armstrong Ceiling Solutions presented a 1 hour seminar on the topic of acoustical ceiling options.

Designing for acoustics in flexible interiors takes on new importance as traditional recommendations are not so compatible with current design trends. Now the science behind the ceiling is able to provide both high sound absorption and sound blocking in the same panel.

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Fire Rated Door Assemblies: Compliant Designs

Dormakaba, formerly Mesker Openings, presented a 1 hour seminar on the topic of fire rated door assemblies.

Seminar included a review of compliance specifications; 2015 IBC, NFPA 80, and SDI 118. Design considerations detailed fire protection vs fire resistance and included job site preparation and field modifications.

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Omnisports- Reduce Impact Noise in Gym

When it comes to flooring in the gymnasium, impact acoustics is an important factor to consider. Unlike the ambient acoustics of a room, impact acoustics relate to the sound generated from footfall, ball bounce, and other collisions with the surface. Reducing impact noise can make a significant difference in a team’s ability to communicate with each other or a teacher’s ability to give instructions to a large PE class.

Tarkett Sports’ Omnisports™ reduces in-room impact noise by around 61-62 dB.

Toilet Partitions- 5 Key Considerations

Choosing the right toilet partition configuration is crucial to the success and longevity of your commercial restroom project. While budget is always a major factor, choosing a material on price alone may not be the best solution.

For high-quality, affordable commercial toilet partition hardware, depend on our experts to advise you on 5 key considerations.