AIP is Bradley Washroom Products Distributor

AIP is Bradley Corporation’s provider in West Virginia and surrounding area for commercial plumbing fixtures and washroom accessories.

Bradley Corporation celebrates its 95th Anniversary in 2016. In 1917, Harry Bradley (founder of Allen Bradley Corporation), sought a way to reduce the floor space required for a bank of sinks, and help workers wash their hands quicker so as not to waste all their break time standing in lines. By 1918, "washfountain" prototypes were created which allowed multiple users to wash up quickly. The idea was so successful, Harry Bradley patented the concept in 1919. Company was established in 1921.

Today, Bradley sells more washfountains, showers and accessories each year than the company sold in in all its first 50 years combined. The product offering has also expanded to include the first all-in-one touchless handwashing fixture, the first molded natural quartz material wash basin, tankless water heaters and stainless steel ablution panels for religious cleansing throughout the world. Innovative new products and processes are introduced every year to offer better solutions to the market and create a truly exceptional customer experience.

AIP and its Bradley Corporation partnership provide best of class washroom accessories and toilet partitions, along with expert sales and service. Our 4 convenient locations and dedicated experts are just part of the services you can expect. Depend on AIP for a delivery fleet that makes sure your order arrives on time, guaranteed.

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Bradley Corporation 95 Year Anniversary

Bradley Advocate Lavatory System- soap, water and hand drying all in one space