AIP is IndigoVision Distributor in West Virginia

AIP is IndigoVision’s provider in West Virginia for end-to-end video security systems and surveillance.

Established in 2001, SALTO has focused on a world-class access control system solution that was simple to use, extremely efficient and without complex and expensive wiring. The solution had to be simple to install and set up, cost effective, reliable and about to adapt to the future. SALTO pioneered their SVN platform, the first standalone, battery-powered electronic locks for access control. Other innovations have had a major impact on electronic security.

With IndigoVision, we don't just supply cameras and encoders and monitors. We build you a safety net. IndigoVision is a developer of complete, end-to-end video security solutions.

Your system is designed end-to-end, with no single point of failure, so it's reliable. It is designed with Distributed Network Architecture so it's flexible. You can add any number of cameras and work stations effortlessly. It is smart, so your old analog cameras will migrate to IP and work with IndigoVision HD cameras.

You can integrate other HD cameras where and when you need them. The same goes for other manufacturers'​ security systems. A global support team backs it all up.

AIP and its IndigoVision partnership provide world-class video surveillance systems along with expert sales and service. Our 4 convenient locations and dedicated experts are just part of the services you can expect. Depend on AIP for a delivery fleet that makes sure your order arrives on time, guaranteed.

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IndigoVision Solution Overview

IndigoVision’s Distributed Network Architecture