Exterior construction products like air and moisture barriers, sealants, and roof panels are just as equally important as ceilings and walls. They provide protection against moisture intrusion and air leakage, allowing for significant energy efficiency and cost savings in hot and cold climates. AIP partners with leading manufacturers to provide you with superior exterior construction products, as well as stuccos and sealants.

Exterior products by AIP offer state-of-the-art building technology as well as beautiful curb appeal for your facility. Extruded and polyisocyanurate insulation, liquid applied air and moisture barriers, sealants and caulks, and Sto EIFS & coatings systems highlight our product lines.


We offer a complete line of Sto Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems as well as specialty paints and coating in any color you can imagine tinted right at our facility. StoLotusan Technology is available in several products, meaning you get a low maintenance product that virtually cleans itself. We have many systems to offer continuous insulation on the outside of your wall cavity to satisfy the new CI code while also offering you drainage and flexibility with a myriad of attractive synthetic finishes that can replicate brick, limestone, and metallic. AIP is Sto’s strategic supplier in West Virginia.

Air Barrier

Our family of Sto Guard products offer several options for fluid applied air and moisture barriers that are normally required in building walls. Studies have shown that the best way to control energy efficiency is to treat the substrate and control air movement. But unlike building wrap barriers that are penetrated by staples and fasteners for their attachment, the StoGuard System provides seamless control over air and moisture to improve building performance and occupant comfort. Our air barriers are easy to use, readily available, and cost effective. AIP is Sto’s strategic supplier in West Virginia.

Continuous Insulation

Hunter Xci wall products are designed for use in commercial and residential wall applications to provide “ci” continuous insulation within the building envelope. Hunter Panels offers a full line of Polyiso insulation panels and have highest R-value per inch of any insulation.

Building Envelope Systems

Tyvek® Building Envelope systems for commercial construction help create a tight building envelope, to keep air and water out and reduce the energy needed to heat and cool buildings. We work with architects, builders and installers on the best building wrap solution.

Poly Iso

Polyisocyanurate insulation products from Dow and XCI offer a durable and cost effective way to get a great insulating value for your facility. Where continuous insulation is required, our manufacturers offer products and systems that meet ASHRAE 90.1-2010 and IECC 2012 for commercial exterior wall applications and IBC Building Code Chapter 26. We have a number of options to meet your building and budget needs.

Extruded Insulation

We have Dow extruded insulation board in stock and ready to go. Available in ¾”, 1”, 1 ½”, and 2”, our products offer you a great value for your insulating dollar.


Pecora Corporation is the name of quality in the sealant industry. Their complete line includes silicones, urethanes, glass & glazing, traffic grade, security & pick proof, fire rated, and acoustical caulks. There are a number of color options that complement your building.

Don’t let harsh weather conditions leave a mark on the exterior of your building. Install our top-quality products to minimize the risks of moisture intrusion and air movement, and enjoy a beautiful exterior for many years to come.

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