West Virginia Gym and Sports Flooring

Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor sports flooring solutions, we’ve got exactly what you need. We have options for Basketball, Fitness and Weight Training, Multi-Use Gymnasium, and Volleyball floors. Our MFMA compliant flooring system is made from traditional hardwood maple that gives you the performance you expect for basketball, volleyball and aerobics.

We supply Tarkett Sports Omnisport, one of the most popular gym floors in North America. You can utilize Omnisports products for just about any purpose - they can accommodate tables, chairs, or desks for conferences and assemblies. This is why Omnisports is ideal for gym floor for schools, universities, churches, and community centers.

Our line of products include:

  • The best solid maple and synthetic athletic and multipurpose floors in the industry.
  • Solutions for K-12, College, University, Community, Religious and Performing Arts Facilities
  • Options that meet performance standards, safety and suitability
  • Products that have environmental impact and indoor air quality certifications

AIP is known for:

  • Top Notch Products
    • We supply and install Tarkett Sports and SnapSports plus other products. We carry a wide range of gym flooring options, suitable for many different activities and level of competition.
  • Trained Experts
    • AIP has the product knowledge and installation expertise to make your sports facility a success.
  • One Stop Shop for Sports Equipment, Sports Flooring and Locker Offerings
    • AIP will complete your project with our outstanding customer service and quality of work

Call us now to discuss your gym floor needs and we’ll help you find the most suitable products for your project.

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